Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Vintage Looking Frames

I'm almost embarrassed to write this post because it is just too simple.  Yet there are a lot of you out there who never thought of this method and have been searching for just the right person to share this tid-bit of wisdom.  Okay, well, maybe it's not that dramatic or earth shattering, but here it is anyway.

If you are looking to "age" your paint, to give it that time-worn, vintage"y" look, just add stain.

Now, you don't need gel stain.  Actually, it's probably better that you just stick with the good ole' liquid stain.  Also, you can experiment with colors, but I like to work with the darker browns.  Also, I am doing this tutorial on frames because it is a small project and would be better to "mess up" on than your beautifully painted armoire.  Once you have mastered this application, feel free to use it on your larger pieces.

Before we begin, STAIN DRIES FAST.  You have to work in small sections and work quick.  Now, if you are not Speedy Gonzales and prefer to have more time, then use a glaze.  You will achieve the same results with glaze, as it gives you more "open" time to work before it dries.

To begin:  Put on your gloves, take your rags, wet them and wring them out, then dip one into the stain.  Rub your wet, stained rag down one side of your painted frame.  Make sure to get into all the little cracks, as the stain will bring out the character of the piece.  Almost immediately, take a clean wet rag (or use a clean portion of the one you just had in your hand), and wipe the stain away.  You should be left with enough stain to achieve the antiqued-look.  You can add more stain, if you like, but give it a few minutes to dry.  Continue along the rest of the frame until finished. 
You can see the inside frame has been stained.

Loving on "aged" turquoise
See?!?  Super, easy, simple way to antique any painted piece.  Just make sure to test this method in a small, hidden area of a larger piece of furniture before going to town.

Now, if I can get around to taking photos of my gallery wall where I used all these frames . . . .

Have fun,

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  1. Hi! I like your method. Just curious, do you sand at all before adding the stain? Thanks!