Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make Your Own Photo Prop Valentines

I kind of wanted a fun valentine for my little girl's preschool class. In keeping with our local school distric'ts no junk food policy, this was my perfect opportunity to excite the kid with imagination and forget about the cute little pink and red M&Ms they're missing.

And I'm kind of loving this moustache craze; please don't judge me; I grew up with Tom Selleck as a heart throb. Not sure if they are still terribly appropriate in "real" life, but I'm digging all the quirky decorations, cards, and home decor available in the marketplace.

My inspiration came from a page that I re-pinned on Pinterest.   Needing a fun little valentine, I dove right in.

Here were my supplies:

Fun, heavy paper
Glue gun
Xacto knife
heavy paper for templates
skewer skick

After printing my free sheet from my pinned website, my preschooler and I decided which lips and moustaches we liked the best, and then traced and cut them out of a manila folder.  You can use any heavy paper or light cardboard you have.  And you can easily draw your own lips and moustache.  I decided not to be creative that way.

Now, I'm kind of a douf because I forgot to take photos of the during, but it's pretty self explanatory.  You just hot glue the sharp end of the skewer stick to the back of the cut outs.  Then decide on the valentine message you want and print them into 3/4" strips horizontally across a heavy sheet of paper.  Make sure to leave some room to the left of the lettering so you can wrap and glue the message to the stick.  I cut the ends to make the paper message look like a pendant.


And voila!  Cute and fun valentines. 

I'm kind of thinking she approves.

Have a happy day,


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