Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Seaside Sign

Since we are getting yet another foot of snow here in southern New Hampshire, it seems fit to introduce my seaside sign.  At this point, I'm looking to be welcomed by the sea, lounging on a beach, with an adult beverage in my hand.  But alas, it's a shovel and Motrin instead.

This was a gift for a very special person.

She happens to be my son's visiting nurse, who has been in the trenches with us through two hip surgeries and years of leukemia treatments.  I definitely wouldn't have come through the other side intact without her support.  And shoulders.

I created the planked part of the sign with pallet wood.  After joining the pieces together with strips of wood in the back, the whole thing was whitewashed.  Next, I added my pre-painted 1X2" frame.  I then transferred the fonts from paper to the wood using carbon paper and hand painted them in.

I was very picky about what the mermaid would look like.  After Google searching images, I found the perfect look.  And it happens to be an artist with an Etsy store, so if you want to check out his great art, you can find it here.  I traced her onto wood, cut with a jigsaw, painted and distressed.

I think she is now ready for her new home at the Geary's beach house.  They can either shovel their way to it, or just what for the thaw.  :)

Have a warm day,

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