Monday, April 7, 2014

Meet Sunny, the dresser

Meet Sunny.

She has a beautiful design, but began to show her true colors as I went to move her into the garage.

And I had some damaged veneer that I had to take care of.

But she wanted to shine.  Like the sun.

Sunny tackles life.  She wakes in the morning to half an hour of meditation, enjoys fresh fruit and cottage cheese before her daily yoga class.

She reads every book that her book club prescribes and has the full discography of Peter, Paul & Mary.  She is just a ray of sunshine in your otherwise rainy day.

This piece was picked up by a customer and I was given the opportunity to brighten her up.  I stripped and stained the top and all doors, as well as the side wood panels.  The customer really wanted to keep the wood top, and since I wasn't sure what I would get under the veneer, I just added some wood filler and stained it along with the top (forgot to take a photo of the repair).

I made my own chalk paint and distressed lightly so the super cool trim could pop.  I also painted the hardware using this technique.

Sunny is going to be used in a nursery . . . . the perfect spot to brighten your day.

Thanks for reading and may your day be sunny,



  1. lovely dresser, I also did one in Sunny Yellow/Gold need to post it, I only did it a year ago! Great job, following you on Pinterest, could not find Google follower? Hope to see you visit.

  2. I just found you on Home talk...LOVE THIS!!!