Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Board Challenge - BOOM!

I follow blogs and one of my favorites is That's My Letter. Jamie is so super creative that I can't get enough of her! Recently she posted a One Board Challenge that is being hosted by a number of blogs.  Winning a chance at $1000 in Ryobi tools . . . . yup, I'm in.

The challenge was to take a 1 X 8 X 8 foot board and make something with it. Here's the guinea pig:

And here is the end product:

I made our own wall hanging side table!

The challenge allowed you to embellish your piece, so I wanted lighting! I loved the look of this outside wall light. There will be a tutorial to follow in the future on how to make your own table and wire in your favorite light.

I wanted the wood to looked aged, so I "beat it up" using hammer, nails, and screw drivers. After applying the stain, those nicks really popped.

The only leftover wood was a small 3X21" piece.

We just love it. This works perfectly for those small spaces next to beds where you need somewhere to drop your phone, glasses or reading books.

Jamie and the other blogs will be announcing the winner on October 26th, so check her out to see who won! (**fingers crossed**)

Have a fabulous day,

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  1. Debbie your shelf is genius! Love the sconce and wood supports, it's all very creative. Nice work.

  2. Do you have a tutorial for this? Love it!

    1. Susie, I don't yet. :( My son's leukemia returned about the time I was going to do one and I haven't been able to get back to woodworking. If I do, I will contact you directly. :)

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