Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meet Maggie, the hutch

 Meet Margaret.

Margaret grew up in a strict home where expectations were high.  She attended parochial school, was at the top of her class, and found a sense of balance by performing community service. 

While attending Smith College, she began to figure out who she was and started to break free from the constraints of her past.  Maggie (as she now prefers to be called), is a woman of the world, traveling near and far using her Environmental Science and Policy degree to make important changes that will be felt by generations to come.

Maggie has to be one of my favorite transformations to date. But I can't take the credit for the color scheme. If you haven't purchased Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, you're missing out.  It contains fabulous, easy to build plans for furniture in your home.  Any hoo, there is one plan for a hutch that was built for Ana's book by the husband and wife team from The Handmade Home blog.  The finish they used on this hutch has been on my mind and I just had to find a piece in which to recreate it's awesomeness.

I pulled the paneling off the back and replaced it with different width planks, stained in varying degrees.  I used my homemade version of chalk paint in this fantastic color that just pops. 

Love how the white pops against the other colors.

You can meet Maggie at Robin's Egg where she will be for sale tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day,



  1. I'm dying to know what color Maggie is. It is perfection in a color! Love it. Great makeover.

  2. Maggie is a beauty! I love her colour and the plank back you added is the perfect touch! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!