Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Super Simple Holiday Card Display

I love to display our Christmas cards.  We especially enjoy looking at the picture cards throughout the month of December.  But gathering them in a pile, or putting them in a basket, or on one of those card trees that let's you display a max of 8 cards, well, none of that would do for me.

Seriously, the way I display our cards is super simple.  Yet I found it surprising that friends noted it was a good idea.  So I thought I would share just in case it never crossed your mind.

Clothespins.  They are more useful than you can imagine.

And twine.

Clothespins and twine.

That's it.  We have the perfect little spot to display cards in the wall opening between our living room and kitchen.  And it's great because we can display them back-to-back. But I've displayed cards on the twine using clothespins right down the staircase banister.  You can just do it on a blank wall.  How about in front of your picture window?  Over doors?

Holiday cards are a great way to decorate for the season.  And it just takes some clothespins and twine.

Have a Merry day,



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