Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hometalk . . . Vintage style

If you haven't heard of Hometalk, then I'm your gal.

Do you know Pinterest?  Of course you do.  Unless you live in a cave somewhere in a land yet discovered.  Well, Hometalk is basically the same idea as Pinterest, but it focuses on home and garden with a wealth of information shared by thousands of homeowners and professionals.  If you are looking for inspiration, you can get all kinds of fantastic ideas for in and out of your house.  If you have a question, just post it.  You want to brag about your latest project, post a pic.  It's fantastic.

I was contacted by Hometalk recently to curate a clipboard of vintage decor ideas after they saw my post on how to make your boring frames look vintage.  I had no problem saying YES and off to the races I went.  I searched the wealth of posts on Hometalk and I hope you agree that I came up with a great collection of ideas for adding vintage decor to your home.

 Check them out!

And don't forget to make Hometalk one of your new favorite sites!


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