Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gezebel, the side table

Gezebel was the youngest of four children to a couple of hard-working parents.  Pulling 100+ hour weeks between the two of them, she sometimes got lost in the cracks. 

Perhaps that is why, the summer after high school graduation, she ran away with carnival folk.  Apparently she became smitten with the operator for the Twister and she joined their entourage.  Formerly known as Victoria, she wore her new name Gezebel, like a badge.

Years later, reunited with her family, she shows some wear and tear from those crazy days.  But because of it, she has a better understanding of self.  And if it takes falling in love with a carnie, well, so be it.

This was another excuse to use Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  I ordered the Ironstone which is her truest white.  And boy did I get the chippy finish that this paint is known for.  I have used her paint in the past with this piece, but the chippy-ness was not to be found.  Well, it make up for it in spades with Gezebel.

To me, I think every home needs to have a chippy piece like Gezebel.  If not for the pure character of the piece, perhaps for the reminder that we all can grow from being a little footloose and fancy-free.  She can be found at Robin's Egg in Milford, NH.

Have a splendid day,



  1. Gezebel is a darling piece with a lifetime of character in her. Loved the story that goes along with her!

  2. I love this table. It came out so cute. Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop 32 is live

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  3. Love how that flaked off really well. I have had one piece do that another not. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  4. Wow! Gezebel looks so much happier with her chippy paint self! The story is darling.

  5. This looks so great. I've used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint twice before. Once it worked great and the next time it didn't work at all. You've given me hope again. Maybe I'll try it out again.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment about my State Art.

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