Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Beginning . . . . sort of

Yes, this the beginning of posting all I love (and sometimes despise) for all to see.  Yikes.  I've been mulling this over for a long time and taking the leap is like sticking your head out your minivan roof window while creeping down the side of a mountain (oh yeah, I did that this past weekend).  It's scary but I'm compelled to do it.  Not just because others have encouraged me, but because I need an outlet.  A place of my own . . . and it's with you.  Have we even met?!?  :)

I'm a stay at home mom (often referred to as SAHM, for those of you unacquainted with the term), less by choice and more by need.  Well, I'd like to say it was by choice, but now that I'm over 6 years into it, I don't know what I was thinking!  When I say "need", I should mention that my son has Down syndrome.  Trying to be the good parent, I loaded our schedule with tons of therapies, so working outside the home was not an option for us.

I love my two beautiful children, but there is something missing.  A part of me.  Perhaps that is why I've started five -- count them . . . 5 -- different businesses since being home.  My first was "Just in Time", an errand/what-ever-you-need sort of business.  I LOVED creating the business, but when it got down to it, I didn't love doing it.  Oh well.  Onto "Nala Girl Inspired".  It's one of my Etsy shops where I create rustic, sterling silver jewelry.  I haven't got the time to work on this anymore, but I do miss it.  Next was "Noisy Bird Studio".  Don't you just love the name?!?  I created little decoupage pendants from fiberboard.  Lots of work and made quite a killing of these little gems.  But it got old, so I stopped doing that too, although I still have the Artfire shop.  Then came Alphabitty, another Etsy shop.  I started making these prints for friends and thought I would just post it as a shop.  They take little time to make (now that I've done all the grunt work), and I'll happily make more when the orders stream in.  Finally, I now have my newest love . . . . reclaiming, repurposing, and just making old new again.  My girlfriend and I have a shop on Artfire called The Reclaimed Life.  Here is where I will post my refurbished furniture pieces and rustic home decor.  I've been inspired by many DIYers out there and just fell in love with the art of doing it.

So that's what I'm writing about . . . . ins and outs of my family life and my love for creating and reinventing.  I hope you stay along for the ride.  It will be like sticking your head out the top window while traversing the mountainside. . . . go ahead, you know you want to.  :)