Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finding a Balance and Saving My Sanity


Sorry for being so out of the blogging game for awhile.  But like every Mom, I've needed to find a balance.  I've been overwhelmed more than my share this past year, but it's all been good.  I'm super busy with re-stocking my shop and taking orders from new customers.  But, summer is upon us and the kids are home, so that means it's time to re-organize my life.  I need the time to be the cook, maid, taxi-driver, terrorist negotiator, nurse, recreational director, lifeguard and referee, among other things.  So that means less time for blogging.  But I do have a few tutorials and projects in the works, and I can't wait to share them with you.  That's after I talk my 4 year old out of her meltdown.

As for saving my sanity, that's where my husband comes in.  You see, last year we purchased one of those Intex Ultra Frame pools.  My son Jack is still battling leukemia and he can't swim in lakes, ponds, or rivers due to the chance of a bacterial infection.  We live in New Hampshire.  We're surrounded by lakes, ponds, and rivers.  So, that's where the pool came in.  Since it's one of those pools you put up and take down every year, it is obviously above ground.  That means I'm in the pool with them or I watch the action while standing on the lawn outside the pool.  Hello backache.

My husband to the rescue.  He built us a little deck for the pool in just a few nights after work.

Tom's got a little helper.

And here she is . . . saving my sanity.

The deck is for man and beast.  And a cockapoo.

Haley, just 3 1/2 at the time, taught herself to swim last summer after watching weeks of Olympic swimming.  And I caught it all from my comfy seat on top of the deck

Let the summer fun begin!

Talk to you sooner than later . . . . I hope!


 It has made all the difference.  My back is very happy now.