Thursday, June 26, 2014

DIY Soccer Goal

Summer's here.  Want another way to keep your kids active and out of your hair?

It took very little funds and under 2 hours to make this goal.  And my kids LOVE it!  Follow the easy instructions below and then pour yourself an adult beverage while your kids keep themselves busy - a novel idea.  ;)

I made my goal to be 51" across, 27" high and 27" deep.  I used 1" PVC pipe for this size goal; if you want a bigger goal, you may want to increase the diameter of the PVC so it's not flimsy.  You want to buy enough PVC to create all cut lengths below in the photo.  If you have a hacksaw, you can see how easy it is to cut in the second photo.

Super easy to cut with a hacksaw
After all your pieces are cut, use the photos below to start to put them together. (Note:  90 degree connectors are the same as "elbows".)

Next combine the parts to make the photo below.

Then attach the last pieces to finish the frame.

Now, stand your goal upright and TA DA - your frame is finished.

To make your goal more sturdy, you can use PVC glue like I did below.  Take it apart and work quickly and get the angles correct, because the glue dries fast.  If you don't want to deal with the glue, you can use duct tape around all the joined pieces.

I just grabbed some bird netting at the hardware store to use as the netting.  I used cable ties to attach in place.

I just draped the netting over the frame and cut to fit.  To make it more sturdy, I double wrapped the edges before attaching with the ties.

NOTE:  After many goals, this netting is starting to tear.  I have purchased a few yards of fabric netting (see below) and still need to find the time to attach it to the frame.  ;)

All finished.

So, there you have it.  Another activity to keep your kids busy this summer.

And keep Daddies busy too.

Enjoy your summer,