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  1. Your blog is wonderful. Your inspirations are inspiring. AND I saw the Boston Red Sox!! I grew up in Boston then moved to the South Shore when I married the first time. When I was young I volunteered at the Jimmy Fund and have long lasting wonderful memories of my time there. I loved those kids! I also worked at the KennedyMemorial Hospital in Brighton which originally was for the care of Downs Syndrome kids. It may not be called that anymore or even still exist but it was a great place to work. I was the perfect target for the water guns the kids had.

    Anyway, now I live in Florida with my Current Husband (I call him that to keep him on his toes). My kids live in Conn, Mass, and NYC so I still come north - but not in the winter. The Fall is my favorite time.

    CH and I rehab nasty, old furniture and sell it at flea markets and shops. We can alway use more money but we really do it because we love it and it gives us something to share in retirement.

    I have just started a new blog "... and the livin' is easy" and simple. It is about anything and everythng that makes life simpler. Please drop by and give me an opinion I would love to share ideas with you.

  2. HI Debbie...

    How are you? and enjoy your creativity...

    Was wondering... I have a new product for DIY'ers.. that helps them paint straight and reduce hand stress when painting... it can be found here...

    was wondering if I could send you a freebee.. for your review...
    thanks Nick

  3. Debbie
    I am so thankful for you today!!! You have been an inspiration to me, regarding getting started on Christmas gift projects! I just love these painted signs, and hope to do lots more, if I have success at it. Love your idea with using contact paper instead of the expensive vinyl lettering, which could really make this a very do-able craft for me!! (not having a lot of extra money lying around)! God bless you, and thank you AGAIN. Elizabeth

  4. Hello Debbie
    I have this same bed frame as in your photo. It is 44 yrs. old. I know that our boys will just toss it our when the time comes. So as gift for one of them I and my husband and 49 yrs. would like to make this bench from our bed head boards. Do you by any chance have a written plan as how to make this now bench? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

  5. By the way, we have spent the afternoon watching NESN. My husband is a Connecticut native and we spend the summers there. We are Georgia residents.