Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ping Pong Sign

After visiting my sister and her family, I got to see their new basement renovation, featuring a ping pong room. I had forgotten we had one in our basement as a kid. It was very nostalgic and thrilling to see these teenagers enjoy the game as much as I did at their age. They are an athletic family and talked about how cool it would be to have a hockey rink sign, with all it's warnings, but not for hockey, but ping pong. No such sign existed. Until now.

I framed it out and then distressed it a bit. I wanted the sign to look worn, like something you would see from the movie Ice Castles. Yup, I'll admit it right here. Loved that movie.

My niece and nephews are perfect little dorks.

Here they are in action (bet you didn't think I would post this Samantha):

Haley came back from the weekend obsessed with ping pong. We don't have the room for a full sized table, but they are happy with this one. :)

I not only need a sign for our room, but a helmet as well.

Have a fabulous day,