Monday, June 25, 2012

You Gotta Go: Red Sky Trading in Glover, Vt

I am so excited to share this little jewel of a find with you.  Away on a girl's weekend (boy, I need more of these), just down the street from our camp on the beautiful Shadow Lake in Glover, Vermont, me and my lady friends come across Red Sky Trading.  The bright welcoming sign should be enough to make anybody stop.

It's actually a small, open barn right next to a brick home, presumably the owners of this magical place.  If it wasn't for the vibrant colors of the Adirondack chairs, I think you could blink and miss it.  And boy, would you be missing a lot.

Scattered across the yard in the front of the barn are these beautiful chairs, welcoming all to rest their weary feet.  Joining them is an eclectic collection of fabulous flea market finds.  I can only imagine the selection changes on a weekly basis.

After perusing the furniture, you make your way to the open entrance of the barn to find this sign: 

I mean, come on!!!  My heart goes pitter patter to know they are using the honor system.  I immediately sink to a place in time that I have never lived, one where you can depend on your neighbor for paying you an honest wage for your goods.  (**heart melting**)

As you step into the barn, you can see what a labor of love this place is for the owners. All sorts of homemade jams & jellies fill the cabinets.  Nostalgic signs litter the walls.  Flea market pottery is color-coordinated on shelves (**swooning**).  Bags of bottle caps made into magnets are for sale in perfect little packaging.  Antique tea cups sit atop stakes to serve as mini bird baths.

Can't get enough of these pastels.

So friggin adorable!

And don't forget the donuts.  I can pass by a donut easily, with the ginormous amount of calories in each bite, but I couldn't pass by these.  Oh no.  These are a treat, and everyone deserves a treat.  Homemade, hand-cut donuts dipped in sugar.  I took one for myself, stuffed it into the paper sack, put my money in the wooden box (on my honor), and would soon enjoy it sitting by the babbling brook (yes, there is a babbling brook).  

This donut deserves the extra large photo.  ;)

 Just behind the barn, the owners have some amazing gardens and animal friends.  I took special interest in the "found" art decorating their garden shed.

Red Sky Trading is a place that pulls at your heart strings and invites you to stay for a spell.  You can take a stroll through their barn, pay for your wares, then relax by the river eating your hand-cut donuts, perhaps slathered in homemade jam.

And that's exactly what we did.  

Check out Red Sky Trading here or their Facebook page.

(Note:  all photos taken using my iPhone and transformed using Instagram filters).

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